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Hashmi Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by entrepreneur Yasir Hashmi, who successfully built a business in India from scratch to 8 figures in the first 12 months of operation at the age of 18, without any prior business experience or external investments.


Larry Mercado, is a Stanford University alumni and serial entrepreneur who co-founded Hashmi Ventures. He also serves as the Chairman of the investment committee of Coastal Community Foundation, which has assets under management of over $400 million. Mr. Mercado has also grown and sold a company that generated over $160 million in revenue.


In partnership with The Hashmi Group, Hashmi Ventures offers a comprehensive range of support to its portfolio startups, including:

  1. Assisting in fundraising efforts through access to a network of hundreds of investors that The Hashmi Group has built over the years.

  2. Providing an exclusive US-based sales database of 200k+ companies for email marketing.

  3. Offering warm referrals to potential clients.

  4. Supporting sales and marketing strategies by providing a Business Exponential Growth and Employee Training Course that covers the most effective sales and marketing strategies and tactics in the world.

  5. Analyzing every deal from an M&A perspective before making investments, allowing Hashmi Ventures to align deals with the fund liquidation timeline and companies' exit potential. The firm has partnered with Focus Acquisition M&A, which has completed more than 200 M&A deals in the past 30 years.

  6. Providing 1:1 business consultation or mentoring to all portfolio startup founders.

  7. Assisting in recruiting top talent for portfolio companies.

  8. Creating valuation reports for startups.

  9. Helping in developing salespeople for portfolio companies.

  10. Offering access to a 15k+ investor database for fundraising in future rounds.

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