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What makes a company successful?

We'll invest in companies that have almost all of the below

  • New needed idea or traditional idea in a new way that has great demand already and customers are already educated about it or educated about something similar to it.

  • Management team with experience and expertise.

  • Business with high functioning speed (Activities that allows a business to function every day, week & month) , processing speed (Time between when a customer orders & receives the goods or services), timing speed (How to stretch the dollar to last specific timeline), expansion speed (How much time it takes for us to expand into another city or country from A-Z)

  • Amazing salespeople, good in promotion, innovative marketing campaigns, more leaders and systems for everything.

  • Amazing goods and services where value is more than the price customers are paying.

  • Support and network of other successful people.

  • Company that does alot of experiments for enough time period in order to create a momentum which can then provide enough substantial results which can be measured to see how the experiment went.

  • Business that use more and more leverage i.e. getting highest output with least input with almost no incremental cost to the business. Example: SaaS, Fintech, Edtech, A.I Business with high margins, low cost, good in upselling & cross selling.

  • Management team that are hyperrealist, prudent, wise, good in reading human behaviour, good in fundraising & negotiation, great in sales and marketing and amazing in delegation & training.

  • Management team who are always recreating themselves and improving.

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